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It's not only in movies you will find actors imitating Bruce Lee. Since the death of Bruce Lee several series' based around him or his characters have been produced.

On Hong Kong Televison
In the run-up to the Beijing 2008 olympics, a series went into production based on Lee's life story. Filmed over 40 episodes in locations around the world, auditions were held to find the right actor to play Bruce Lee. Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan finally landed the role after Bruce Lee's wife and daughter, who were consulted on the casting for the series, were impressed by his physical likeness.

During a telephone interview, Chan admitted that landing the role to play the real deal was a dream come true for him. “I did feel some pressure at playing the role, but I was actually more excited than worried, to tell the truth,” he said. He also featured in televison comercials were he played up his likeness to Bruce.

Born on August 1st 1975, Danny started his career in the entertainment buiseness with Hong Kong Rock band, Poet and made minor film appearances. Danny came to regonition when he starred in Stephen Chow's Shaolin Soccer as a Bruce Lee look-alike goalkeeper and followed by starring as the leader of the axe-gang in Kung Fu Hustle.

One of the most imitated movies of Bruce Lee's is Fist of Fury, a transition that also found it's way onto the small screen. Hong Kong actor Donnie Yen got to pay tribute to his idol in the ATV's Fist of Fury. The series told the story of the young Chen Jun, the character made famous by Bruce in the original movie. Later episodes went on to recreate scenes from the Bruce classic. Donnie is very inspired by Bruce Lee's fighting methods and phillopies, and has also impersonated him can be seen using Bruce inpsired moves in his films.

Long time Bruce Lee admirer Stephen Au has played his idol on several occassions. He played the teenage Bruce Lee in his own short movie What Are You Gonna Do Sai Fong, in which he also wrote and directed. He went on to play Bruce Lee again in the ATV Series "Showbiz Tycoon". The series was based around the rivalary between Golden Harvest and Shaw Brothers film companies

* This is an on-going article, if you know about any other television series' that features actors imitating Bruce Lee, then please get in touch!